Funnel Water Spray Play Equipment
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Spray Features are designed for children's play water products. These devices are suitable for use in children's pool with ornamental and educational, but also the ideal combination of family playing water equipment and an essential playground for aqua parks.

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A water park with water play equipment can easily be seen because water play equipment as the auxiliary equipment of a water park is necessary. The application of water play equipment can add some fun and interactive opportunities for visitors. This product named Special-shaped Water Play Equipment uses a material that never rusts, and this material can make water play equipment have a longer life and is easier to maintain. The water playground which uses this material as the water play equipment material is more economical and provides a more comfortable environment for visitors.


1,Anti-corrosion and anti-rust

Our products are made of fiberglass material with 304 stainless steel connecting bolt, which are anti-corrosion and anti-rust with good quality and long service life and reduce maintenance costs.

2,Colorful pattern Style

Colorful pattern style designed products with colorful novel structure will stimulate children’s curious nature and spirit of exploration.

3,Easy to install and disassemble

All production is completed in the factory which is convenient for construction period control and product construction protection.


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