How to Carry Out Theme Landscape Packaging Design in a Water Park?
How to Carry Out Theme Landscape Packaging Design in a Water Park?

In recent years, there have been more and more entertainment projects in the park with water playgrounds, and the competition in the water park industry increasingly become fierce. How to make the park with water playground more attractive and meanwhile give a better play experience. The theme landscape packaging of the park is undoubtedly the most important part of it. A good theme landscape packaging not only beautifies the environment but also undertakes the interactive function between tourists and the environment, enriching the experience of tourists. So how to choose the main landscape packaging that suits your water park? Here are several suggestions for reference:

1.Implanting Cultural Connotation

The theme landscape packaging requires to implant cultural connotation, which will make the entire landscape packaging have the soul core. Besides, tourists can have both physical sensory experience and spiritual experience. From this aspect, unique cultural connotation is the core content of attracting tourists.

2.Setting a Storied Background and Theme

The theme landscape packaging without the support of the story is empty, and the theme landscape packaging also needs to have a “world” behind it to support, so that tourists can be immersed in the story and get an experience.Creating a story requires us to start from the basic emotional needs of the human race so that it can resonate with audiences and form a real immersive experience. Therefore, in the face of the water park project, we can apply the cultural connotation as the core, and use the theme elements as the packaging of the water park project to create a new dream story.

3.Setting Storied Roles

The participation of roles in the line can make the theme landscape packaging of the whole park with water playground reasonable and vivid. The staff dressed in scene characters, wandering aimlessly around various equipment, or bringing various activities and performances, always “inadvertently” appear around tourists, so that tourists can communicate and interact with them between turns, giving tourists a perfect sense of integration into the scene.Water park themed landscape packaging is already indispensable. Without themed packaging, or a water park with no theme in packaging, it lacks vitality and soul, and its attractiveness will be greatly reduced.

However, we cannot make too much packaging blindly, rather than according to the needs of the local market and the original location of the project carefully creates a water park themed landscape packaging, so as to achieve the balance of packaging effect and investment budget. In the city with its dense population and large market demand,a good theme landscape packaging can not only attract more tourists but also greatly enhance the image and brand value of the park with water playground. 

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