A new Type of Water Park Experience – the Rise of the Surf Water Park
A new Type of Water Park Experience – the Rise of the Surf Water Park

The forms of interaction between people and water are more and more diverse, and the surf park is a new experience of the park with water playground that has risen in recent years. With the increasing maturity of wave technology and innovative and immersive design, more and more enthusiasts and beginners are flocking to the sport. More and more scenic points and entertainment projects believe that the surf water park has the potential and strength of development, and it is included in the diversified business as one of the new members.

Why do we go to Surf Water Park

Water is a very powerful design and fluid element, therefore, the process of creating, specifically designing, and building parks with water playground and surf water parks is one of the natural processes of how we interact with water.In recent years, there has been a growth in interest and participation in surfing around the world, and the sport was officially included in the competition for the first time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. If it is difficult for tourists to travel for a long distance, then the project on the outskirts of the city becomes the best choice for tourists. For ordinary people who want to “try to play water”, the surf water park is undoubtedly the first choice.

The Evolutionary History of Surf Water Park

The history of humans using machinery to create waves dates back to the Cave of Venus built by “crazy King” Ludwig II at Lindehof Castle in Bavaria in 1887. An engine sends electricity directly into the water, creating waves on a small artificial lake.In 1903, a hydraulic power system invention was patented,which allowed humans to create waves in pools for the first time, and provided an enhanced swimming experience believed to have health benefits. It was trialed at the 1912 International Sanitary Fair and could receive thousands of paying customers a day, which make it quickly become a popular leisure and entertainment center.In the mid-1960s, Japan began to build a wave pool for practical testing, and then Arizona in the United States, built a large-scale wave-making attraction, which opened in 1968. But the artificial waves of these wave pools are just small, slow-moving waves, and they are the precursors of the modern surf park. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon began to create soft but well-shaped, layered waves. In the early 1990s, Japan’s Ocean Dome made it possible for the first time to surf in man-made waves. This was followed by Wadi Adventure water park in Al Ain, UAE, which opened in 2012, where short-distance but relatively high-quality waves were produced, and capable of short barrel waves or workable hollow waves.

The Advantages of the Surf Water Park

Surfing in the ocean has some unpredictable dangers, therefore, if they want to have a try, surfers’ friends and family can choose to visit and play in the local surf water park, which can offer high-quality and predictable waves.The advantages of surf water parks are that they can not only be an independent scenic point, but also be integrated into various kinds of commercial property and amusement development projects,including parks with water playground,theme parks,adventure parks, resorts,retain, catering industry, and entertainment or residential mixed-use items, etc.With all kinds of new development project items, scale, and market increasing, We are able to see that more market differentiation and complementary attractiveness.

The Development Trend of Surf Water Park

In today’s global leisure industry, the diversity and ultimate property of amusement become more and more obvious. Surfers pay more attention to high-quality amusement experiences and atmosphere and extra amusement activities and convenient facilities compared to formerly anytime. Movement purist needs not only surfing but also playing, having meals, and relaxing with the whole family.In addition, the type of customers and their expectations is constantly increasing and changing. Nowadays, surf water parks can see a variety of crowds, including core surfers with abundant experiences, competitive athletes, beginners, temporary participants, and spectators.As the chief planner and designer, we must evaluate what makes “this surf water park” different from other surf water parks, such as brand and technology. But, we will also create the space and place, so as to meet the different needs of different kinds of visitors. We need to provide all-around experiences filled with energetic because it can be satisfied with the business mode of clients and the need of residents and visitors, and supplies outstanding surf experiences. With the application of brand promotion and story development, surf parks will enter the next stage of the amusement industry.

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