Forecast of the Water Park Industry Depends on These Five Major Trends
Forecast of the Water Park Industry Depends on These Five Major Trends

The global water amusement manufacturing industry has developed into a professional amusement market with diverse products, rich experience,numerous  types and huge investments. The development of the water park industry has the following five development trends worthy of attention:

Digital Transformation of the Park With Water Playground

Parks with water playground, resorts and theme parks should innovate technology to enhance the guest experience ,so as to meet market demand. To optimize the guest experience, analyzing real-time data and consumer behavior patterns will be beneficial to improve the efficiency of routine operations in the future.

Hotels and Resorts are Differentiated Through Water Park Equipment

According to the market trends and forecasts,hotels, resorts with a variety of water park equipment will stand out from the crowd of competitors.Water slides, aquatic play equipment, surf simulators and wave pools all contribute to a hotel’s average daily room rate, occupancy and ancillary revenue.

Surfing Simulator Appears in Retail Entertainment

Speaking of ancillary revenue, surfing simulator in the retail market is also a trend. To compete with online shopping while increasing walking movement, indoor shopping complexes seek incentives that consumers cannot get online. According to observation, Cowboy’s Surf Simulator and Promise Surf Bay are the most ideal tools to attract customers, retain customers, and let them actively participate or stop and watch.

Function Integration and Quality Upgrade

The product function will transform the era of single and simple into the era of multi-function integration and multi-experience superimposition; Product quality will implement all-round transformation and upgrading from the low-end and extensive pattern to exquisite, superior,personality and high-quality pattern.;the position of market will be more regionalization,individualization,professionalization;the market will change the emphasis from the domestic market to domestic and international markets.

Minimize Supply Chain Inventory

Many people, including us, are feeling the impact of global supply chain inventory as both consumers and merchants. As we adapt to the situation and change our cognition, we realize that this problem is not going to ease in a short time. Therefore, it is now important to localize the supply chain and produce close to the project site. This approach contributes to on-time, high-quality delivery of clients’ projects and a reduced carbon footprint.

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