What preparations do we need to make before building a water park?
What preparations do we need to make before building a water park?

In the customer inquiries we have received in the past, many customers are new in this field. They all want to build water parks, but these are just ideas. Many people do not know how to start and have no concept of investing and planning.
So what is the correct and effective way to start?

01 Market Analysis
Before doing the water park, it will be worthwhile to visit some local water parks to understand people’s preferences, the general level of consumption, and competitors’ highlight equipment. All the choices should be based on the understanding of market demand.

02 Market Positioning
After understanding the market, it is necessary to confirm the “status” of a park, whether it is a small local park or a large park for tourists across the country, which determines the core customer group and what kind of amusement equipment to choose to match it. In addition, the confirmation of the budget is also essential. Usually, 35%-40% of the total investment of an outdoor theme park is a reasonable budget for purchasing amusement equipment. This ratio can be slightly higher for water parks with light theme packaging. Within a controllable budget, a good combination of equipment can give tourists a hearty experience, which is also an art.

03 Initial Planning
How long do you expect the water park to get a return on investment? What is the required capacity of visitors? How will the land be allocated (Such as the proportion of equipment areas, public service areas, store areas, and landscaping areas)? And when do you expect to open it? These plans will help you get an early return on your investment and allow designers to understand your needs, and create a water park better suited to your local area.

04 Site preparation
Is this land suitable for a water park?
Is it construction land?
Has the government approved it?
Are CAD drawings of the venue already available?
Site preparation is the foundation of building a water park and is the premise of everything, so don’t forget it.

If you are ready for these, congratulations, your water park has achieved twice the result with half the effort, and you can leave the rest to us. Thank you for being so patient in reading. We hope this article can help you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us~

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