What is a children’s combination slide?
What is a children’s combination slide?

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For Xiaobai, who operates a children’s playground, there is not much difference between slides and slides. Because I don’t know the types of slides, I don’t know which slides are more popular when purchasing. There are many types of slides. Children’s slides can be roughly divided into two types: single slides and children’s combined slides. So what is the difference between these two slides? Which is beneficial to operators of children’s parks? This is a question worth thinking about.


First of all, let us know what a combined slide is. The slide is a kind of comprehensive sports equipment, which can only be carried out by climbing. It is also a kind of children’s sports equipment, and often appears in kindergartens or children’s playgrounds. The combination slide in the slide is composed of the following accessories, so it is named the combination slide: door, bridge, slide, top, ladder, handrail, platform, column, slide, climbing tube, and rope net; kindergarten The slides are all connected with fasteners, and there are no sharp objects protruding on the surface. Each part has multiple models and multiple color options; the combination slide is ingeniously designed, the color matching is harmonious, and the various parts of plastic are ingeniously combined. Children’s play equipment is suitable for children childhood brings safety and joy.

Children’s combined slides are a complete set of facilities in amusement parks, which usually include doors, bridges, ladders, handrails, platforms, columns, slides, climbing nets and climbing tubes. A single slide device has only a few of these functions. The combination slide reflects most of the functions, so the combination slide has a wider scope of application and strong playability. Moreover, the children’s combination slide can be designed in a large range, and the combination slide can be customized according to the needs of customers. It can be freely combined, suitable for a variety of venues, and accommodates more children. A single slide equipment can only be slightly modified in the appearance, shape and height of the slide, and cannot be changed according to the site conditions.

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