How to install the children’s combination slide?
How to install the children’s combination slide?

The installation and use of children’s combined slides, children’s combined slides carry many good memories of the post-90s and post-80s, and are also one of the projects of many children’s outdoor playgrounds. Children’s combined slide is a very popular large-scale amusement equipment. It needs to be assembled and debugged to make the slide more playable. When the child slides from the top to the bottom of the slide, the child’s experience is like flying. Slides can be installed in many playgrounds, such as common kindergartens, communities, parks, shopping malls, resorts and so on. Children’s slides may be installed in most of these areas. The slide can gather popularity and open up optimistic income for merchants. Today, Xiaobian of Shaanxi Kangpan Amusement brings you the installation steps and instructions for children’s combined slides.

Children’s combined slide

The installation of children’s combined slides is mainly aimed at the relatively simple slides such as Xiaodoo slides, that is, plastic slides. Some such as stainless steel slides require professional installation, which will not be explained here.

The new children’s combined slide system is made of imported engineering plastics, ranging from uprights and clips to imported children’s slide equipment. The plastic anti-rust function of the children’s slide is strong. The surface is more beautiful, electrostatic powder coating can avoid ultraviolet light, can always maintain the appearance

Children’s combined slide

color reliability. Installation steps of children’s combined slide:

Children’s combined slide

1. Accurately measure the site, clarify the area occupied by the components, and ensure that the installation position is in the design position.

2. Accurately measure the position of the embedded parts. It is crucial to pay attention to this step. If there are all errors in the installation of the embedded parts, the dragging parts will not be able to be successfully installed.

3. Install the composite dragging structure, install the dragging steel frame structure column into the embedded part, and fasten the screws.

4. Install other steel prefabricated components of the ropeway on the basis of the completion of the steel beam.

5. On the basis of the installation of the steel structure, the plastic surface parts are installed on the steel structure components and clamped with special screws.

6. It is to check whether the installation site is neglected and clear the site

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