Good News! Cowboy Group Wins Golden Crown Award for Five Consecutive Years
Good News! Cowboy Group Wins Golden Crown Award for Five Consecutive Years

On December 7th, the “Golden Crown Awards” sponsored by Asian Attractions magazine is one of the highest awards recognized in the amusement industry, and the grand award ceremony was held in OCT Fantasy Resort, Xiangyang, Hunan.
This ceremony is based on the theme of “New Ideas for Cultural Tourism–To Explore the Current Development Path of Cultural Tourism” to deeply analyze the situation of the cultural tourism industry, study and judge the current appropriate development path, assist the cultural and tourism industry to fully revitalize and provide new ideas, new ways, new channels for the high-quality development of Xiangyang culture and tourism industry.
The Cowboy Group’s project “Frozen World Kids Indoor Playground in Shenzhen” won the 2023 Golden Crown Awards for “Outstanding Non-powered Attractions Supplier”, which is also the fifth consecutive year that Cowboy Group won this honor.

Won the Golden Crown Awards for Five Consecutive Years

Since its inception in 2016, the Asia Attractions Golden Crown Award has become one of the most recognized and authoritative awards in the amusement industry. The Golden Crown Awards play an irreplaceable role in encouraging excellent cultural tourism enterprises, promoting well-known brands, and advocating innovative services and other fields, which greatly promotes the development of China’s amusement and entertainment industry.
Today, the Golden Crown Awards Ceremony has become a major event in the industry. Furthermore, the 2023 Golden Crown Awards, set up a total of 32 awards in 3 categories: “Outstanding Non-powered Attractions Supplier”, “Outstanding Social Media Famous Tourist Attraction”, and “Outstanding Pioneer for Amusement& Attractions Industry.”
Cowboy Group adheres to the concept of collaborative development with creativity and innovation and focuses on building creative and dynamic children’s activity space design. We will use this as a new starting point to continue technological innovation, provide consumers with more diversified and higher-quality themed amusement products and services, and create high-quality business value for investors.
In the future, Cowboy Group will expand its global vision and walk with the extraordinary! Cowboy Group is committed to making the world a happier place.

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