Cowboy Group Organized the International Sales Business Skills Competition Events
Cowboy Group Organized the International Sales Business Skills Competition Events

In order to speed up the cultivation of knowledge-based, skill-based and innovative marketing talent teams and help achieve annual performance goals, the Cowboy Group’s 2023 Business Skills PK Competition was held as scheduled on September 23. At the same time, all sales managers accepted the challenge, actively innovated, and sought change. Besides,the participants continued to improve their abilities and competitiveness through competitions,striving to promote their sales performance to new heights in the near future.

The Competition to Showcase Cowboy Group Sales Growth Strength

Chairman Yi attached great importance to the competition and attended the opening ceremony of the competition to deliver a speech.

The competition centered on the theme of “Exploring Deep Needs, Opening a Successful Journey”, and started in the form of speeches and reports. During the competition, all sales managers actively participated in the Business Skills PK Competition, and business is an important part which is critical for the company’s business development to improve the skills of customer information management tools.

During the competition, the participants explained their skills in collecting project information efficiently and accurately with a global perspective and vivid language, and shared their experience in information identification and processing.Furthermore, the participants also have their own unique understanding of the development of information sources and the analysis of competitors, therefore, they fully demonstrated their strong skills and abilities.

The Competition Got a Successful Ending

After a week of reporting competition, the judges scored the participants in multiple dimensions at a professional level. In the end, 15 contestants stood out and won the award with their skillful use of skills and vivid and interesting interpretations.


The master of ceremonies, Mr. He, made a summary for the contest. He not only pointed out the highlights of the candidates in the contest but also made a detailed analysis and scoring of the overall ability of each line whole’s team. In addition, the master of ceremonies, Mr. He, also made a brief comment on the omissions and shortcomings of the contestants in the speech. At the same time, two winners were invited to share their experiences and skills in using customer information management tools, and how to collect and process information efficiently.

In the future, the business managers will continue to be fearless of difficulties and obstacles, continuously progress, and consolidate their business skills. In addition, Cowboy Group will continue to hold a series of competitions to achieve the effect of promoting learning by competition and promoting application by learning, so that business managers can maintain a state of hard work, go all out to overcome difficulties, promote sales performance to exceed completion, and help the company’s high-quality development to a new level!

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