Pirate Ship Water House Equipment
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I am the man who will be the king of the Pirates! wind raised Skull Pirate Flag, the sea full of unknown, vast and mysterious pirate ship, yellowing treasure map, everything is attracting the children who dare to take risks and love freedom.

This product with magic elements pirate ship as the theme, give the children a opportunity to play captain, sailors, chef at sea, ship, swordsman, boaters, which are full of legendary

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Pirate ship for the retro style as the main tone, into the modern children’s favorite colorful color, set up two cabins, several slides, water guns, water cannon and other interactive play structures.

Facing the sea, the pirate ship awaits your exploration

1. elegant design.

2. easy to theme.

3. more interactive.

4. modular design to fit custom sizes.

5. any type any size tipping bucket friendly.

6. updated design according to latest changes in international norms

7. huge selection of slide options available

8. wide variety of aquatic play features.

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